Paolo Lopriore
Davide Scabin

Nuove Tradizioni

The Italian kitchen is one of the most nomadic worldwide. As Italian immigrants travelled abroad their kitchen crossed all confines to become one of the most beloved for its simple ingredient combinations, winning flavours and healthy composition.

With critical acclaim from international journalists and gourmet guides such as Michelin and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a new generation of Italian chefs are challenging traditions and making ones of their own. For the occasion of the 2012 Tuscan Sun Festival in Florence, five outstanding Italian chefs shared their ideas and unconventional creations with diners at the restaurant of J.K. Place and the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of Florence.

J.K. Place


Paolo LoprioreTuesday 12 June 2012, 12.30
with Paolo Lopriore
Head Chef, Il Canto, Siena


Amuse bouche
"Zimino" of squids
Tomato ravioli with cacio-ricotta cheese & oregano
Pigeon in vin santo
Coffee & sambuca
Parfait of smoked sugar with liquorice & fennel

Davide ScabinThursday 14 June 2012, 12.30
with Davide Scabin
Head Chef, Combal.Zero, Rivoli (Turin)


Vitello tonnato Combal style
Pasta Shake
Cyber eggs®
Empire State Peppers
Saffron “Ricetube” with burrata and black truffle caviar
Eggplant tataki and Tomato Combal Blend®
Piedmont Fassona beef fillet in the fireplace
An Americano in Florence
Baby Bonnet

Carlo CraccoFriday 15 June 2012, 12.30
with Carlo Cracco
Head Chef, Ristorante Cracco, Milan


Caramelized russian salad
Crunchy egg yolk with sea scallop and marinated turnip with shiso leaves
Risotto with green tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and row shrimps
Pork fillet with liquorice, tropea onions and celery
Almond granite with peas
Frozen fruits

Massimo BotturaSunday 17 June 2012, 12.30
with Massimo Bottura
Head Chef, Osteria Francescana, Modena

Menu - Come to Italy with me

Sicilian granita with almonds, capers, coffee cream and bergamot
Salt cod filet in verdute olive and tomato broth, served with dried tomato pesto, bitter almonds and fragrances of Pantelleria
Caprese: raviolo of ricotta from Rivabianca, tomato confit and basil oil and basil extract
Veal roast in truffle crust with red beet emulsion with extra old Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
Bell'Italia: Buffalo mozzarella foam, smoked Alpeggio ricotta, candied taggiasche olives, candied bergamot, capers, mint, oregano, hot pepper oil and hazelnuts.

Tuscan Sun Festival 2012 Friends of the Festival lunch at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze


Vito MollicaSaturday 16 June 2012, 12.30
with Head Chef Vito Mollica



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